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From the past few years, the topic of tolerance and intolerance has been in discussion in India. In today’s essay, we will know what tolerance is, meaning will try to understand briefly the definition and its importance.

What Means Tolerance? 

Tolerance literally means to tolerate different behaviors and opinions. Tolerance consists of a sense of coexistence. Tolerance in a positive sense means accepting and respecting the existence of those thoughts, opinions or religions, etc. even if its views, opinions, religion are different from yours.

The greatest irony of today’s human is the constant decline intolerance. It is said that the one who knows how to endure, is the one who knows how to live.

In the absence of tolerance, virtues are of no importance. Losing control over trivial matters due to faulty thinking, this results in a fight, arguments, divorce, suicide, etc.

Tolerate The Opponents 

Tolerance in the negative sense simply means the ability to tolerate opponents. Presently, its positive meaning is used which means respecting the views of your opponents.

Having the power to listen and understand them and to accept them if their side is logical and correct.

Tolerance Is Not A Weakness 

Many people understand the meaning of tolerance as a weakness. This will be called their fault. Many people are eager to answer brick with stone. This does not end any fight or argument, but increases.

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Accusation begins. Tension arises and the heat and anger start. But only through tolerance can the atmosphere be relaxed and normalized.

Learn Tolerance From Women  

Especially Indian women are unique examples of tolerance. Their sacrifice, service, kindness and devoted sense of family is possible only due to their tolerance.

They tolerate every single thing, these women do not allow their family to suffer and provide them to live happily. Many times, they themselves eat half their stomach and provide food to the husband, children and the whole family.

In the time of illness and other problems, women still keep working. This is a unique example of tolerance.

Teach Children’s About Tolerance 

If we want to make our children characterful and tolerant, then they too have to be taught that tolerance is strength, not weakness. Due to this, kindness and tolerance are instilled in the minds of children right from childhood.

If all children are given the best values ​​from childhood, then they can become the best person in life.

Tolerance Is Required To Become a Good Person 

Tolerance is also one of the elements required for a good personality. The words of the elders, the speech of the ignorant children or the words of mentally challenged people are not auspicious, one should keep a tendency to bear.

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The tolerant person maintains peace and harmony in their surroundings. Such people keep pace with people of every nature.


It is also said that the first teacher of the children is the mother.  A mother’s personality has both positive and negative effects on children. If the mother instills the qualities of tolerance and goodwill among the children, then the child will also behave accordingly and present the best example in front of society.

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