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We all know the importance of teacher. Teacher is someone who gives their knowledge to make our future better. This is just a simple or a very easy way from which we can say thank you to our teachers on this particular day which is known as teachers day.

The Importance of Teachers Day

On this particular day all the teachers are greeted with happy teachers day and wish them for a great future. This day is very special for children’s too because on this day we all make sure that we do not disappoint your teacher.

This is the only day when teachers do expect something from the children’s and it is only there love.

Teachers Day Celebration at School and Colleges

On the teachers day celebration all the schools and colleges do this small ritual in which all the teachers are given a rest day. It is a kind of a holiday for them but they do come to the schools and visit to their class.

But the teachers are different teachers are none other than the students of the higher grade. They are given the responsibility to teach the students for a day and give rest to all the lovely teachers in the school and colleges.

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Best Wishes From Students

All the students on this particular day wishes that teacher a very happy teacher’s day and bring a flower to greet them.

Most of the students make sure that they bring a card for their teacher even the students make that card by their hands and use all their creativity is to show their love for their teachers.

Teachers Dressing

This is the only one day when all the teachers are feeling something extra. All the teachers coming to school wearing their normal dresses every day we have seen this many times but only on this particular day all the teachers make their best effort and get ready just to show that how much they care about this teachers day.

People do believe that teacher’s day is something which is also a kind of birthday for every teacher which is celebrated on fifth of September.

Activities on Teacher’s Day

On this day all the teachers set in the auditorium room and the students do something entertaining for their teachers. It can be anything dance, singing, comedy or an act. Most of the students go for it to the acting of their favorite teachers.

Teachers know what the student is planning for them and they are strict to us but it is the nature of the teacher who have to show their strictness just to make the child to work harder on his studies.

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Reality of Teachers

Teacher is someone who gives their knowledge to the students equally. They did not do any kind of partiality in the students. Every teacher is making their best effort to make the child fight in this upcoming competitive world.

They make sure that the knowledge they are giving to you is completely gain by the children’s. Teachers are strict but it is only for the betterment of the students.

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