Essay On Smart City For Students & Children In Simple English

The smart city is an urban area that has many developed things all over as it has many different types of electronic Data Collection centers which are used to manage resources efficiently.

It is a city where all the things are properly developed such as Industries many big buildings people live their lives in a great size, and all the things which are developed properly are also called as a smart City or as a metropolitan city.

All the Transportation system manage supply proper network water management schools libraries hospitals and other community systems that has been well developed in an area as this area is the Smart City in which all the IT sectors that are developed in it and because of this many peoples get attracted to the Smart City because of the technology development that has been made there.

All the cities in a country should get Smart City, and the developed city is the dream project of all the countries.

And to develop a country every city should be a developed and because of this country would be run successfully, and India is one of the countries in which there are many cities which are Metropolitan and developed countries, and they are also trying to make many other areas develop.

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Developing A Smart City In India


For a country to be developed every area and locality of a society should be developed and every city should be an urban area is so because of this it also becomes a smart City mission among the countries and also in India it has become a mission to develop our country.

The Government of India with the mission to develop over 100 of cities across the country for making the citizen-friendly and sustainable and because of this, the Union Ministry of Urban Development is implementing many missions and collaboration with the governments to make these cities and to make this dream project possible.

There are many areas and cities in India which are very poor, and they are very rural, and because of these the people in that cannot leave their life very quickly and there are also many economic problems for them and so because of these government of India is working on the economic problems as well of these people and they are solving up all the things and making a proper place for them to live as they could be able to live life like urban people and to develop their area into a Smart City.

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The main man in this Smart City mission is our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and he has selected many cities to get change and turn it into a smart city as of now over 72 cities have been selected for developing and upgrade it into a Smart City.

Changes Due To A Smart City


As the Government of our India has taken an initiative to develop all the cities into a smart city and because of this it has also affected the economic problems of the country and by looking through all these things government is working on this problem slowly and their mission of converting all the rural area into urban areas are working on it slowly and in the future this mission could get establish and our Indian city would be a smart city as compared to all the countries as many industries and big facilities could be provided for all the people in our country.

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