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If we talk about the child it would believe is someone who is very close to him or her and we all know the exact answer, well, it is none other than the mother. The mother can understand any problem of child without even saying it.

Born of a Child 

When a child get born, a mother keeps him or her in her bum for nine months and after the nine months the mother is the person who keeps the child safe from the problems which it could go through mother make sure that his child get everything best between this time duration  When a girl becomes a mother this nine months she faces so many difficulties which has a man or as a boy we can’t even imagine they face so many problems which they don’t even share with anyone they have swelling is in their legs and even health issues but they don’t care about it because they are about to become a mother they go to the doctor and consume all the things which the doctor prescribes them It would be good or bad in taste it doesn’t matters for the mother at that particular moment she consumes it with what ever cause to just make sure that the baby is healthy and side

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Kids First School Teacher

Well there is a saying that the first school of every game is his home so every mother is the first teacher for any care because she teaches them to behave and respect enters she explains him about his feelings she teaches the kid to speak what to talk and everything which takes lots of patience and focus but mother is doing all this stuff without even getting paid.

The mother just needs happiness in his children’s face she is more than sufficient for his children’s but as a kid we don’t even understand the responsibilities which we should be taken care for our mothers many times this happens that the mother is an educated but they teach everything to their kids.

They are an educated but they teach everything to their kids from any means they send their kids to a proper school a proper Titian so that in future as teacher should be tried but what does we do when we are a grown-up kid we don’t even care about what they are feeling right now and insult them in front of many people.

First Person to Fight For You

Mother is the first person who fights for you it could be anyone in front of her it could be any family member or any person from your friend circle or with your teachers the mother always fights for his kids and the kid is wrong she always make sure that She shows them the right path because this is the responsibility of the mother to make his kid strong and a responsible citizen of the country who always help other people and never disobeys the elders

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