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We all know the importance of tree in our life, if the trees are not there, we cannot even survive for one particular day but then to we don’t understand the importance of tree and as a human, we are cutting down them every single day.

Pollution problems

If we talk about the pollution problems in India, the very first problem which we all face is air-pollution. Well, it is not a good sign for the human beings that they are facing a problem which can cure but human beings are not taking any kind of responsibility for it.

Planting trees is the best solution to avoid so many problems which a human is facing right now, just by planting new trees they can survive the upcoming generation and even live for a little longer life because of the air is polluted they cannot survive for very long.

The trees save water

Well, most of the people don’t even know that trees are also used to save water. In the mountains when the water needs to be store there is only one thing which could store the water in the mountains is the trees and because of this.

So many rivers are getting dry as human beings are cutting down the trees to live in more big places but we are reducing the trees from which we are getting the oxygen, food and many more things.

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As a human we should understand that trees are not only used for us but they are also a living being which can breathe, even in the breath of the trees the human beings are been in the profit of the plants take carbon dioxide in and release the oxygen which the human beings take but then too the plants are reduced every day and without even thinking that if the plants have vanished from the earth the human being cannot survive for next second.

Use of trees

Well, we all know most of the uses of the tree, trees help us to give food, gives a shadow, gives us oxygen, and many more things but we are cutting down the trees and buildings are grown in the place where the trees were.

Well, it is a kind of a shame for each one of us and the worst thing is that we know the consequences which are about to come if the trees are not there but we are neglecting the consequences.

If we just plant one tree in a month we can save this planet from the problems which we are facing right now, if we neglect this problem now the future generation will be having so many difficulties, for example, the future generation will be handicap from one or the other way.

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They cannot get the proper nutrition because the air is polluted and they are breathing in that area and so to make our future generation healthy we need to work right now and we are the one who can save the earth.

Updated: October 17, 2019 — 4:35 am

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