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We all know how important water is in our life, we cannot survive without water on this earth. It will take hardly a few minutes to wipe the whole human race and without water.

Pure Water

Nowadays to drink up your water we need to pay thousands of rupees because we have polluted most of the rivers for our selfish needs and now we are paying thousands of rupees in a month to just bring up your water. If we do not reduce the wastage of water per day is not far away when we need to import the water from other countries.

Right now we are just supplying the water from the seas which we have in India but later on when the rivers and seas will dry what will be the way we can survive on the earth even plants and trees are reducing the plans which used to hold the seas and rivers with more water. But now even the human race has finished all the trees and because of that, the rivers are also getting dry.

Water to Drink

If we look to the earth, the earth is covered 72% in water and that all the 72% water is not drinkable. 70% of water is in the sea which is salty and the human being cannot drink that saltwater and survive on earth. There is only 2% of water which humans can drink.

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So what do we think that do we have enough water to survive for the long term? Well, it is not because 2% of water is not being used properly by the people of the earth.

Factory Pollution

Most of the time the wastage material of the factory used to throw in the water. This wastage makes that water polluted which is very harmful to humans and animals also.

In this factory wastage, there are many types of chemicals in it that get mixed into the water and if anyone drinks that water then that will harm their body.

Wastage of Water

People on the earth, all are wastewater like hell. They think that water is a resource that can be generated again and again but they forget that water is there a source which is generated only in the rainy season and once the water is completely gone there is no way that a person can generate water from anything else.

To make sure the water usage is proper and we should start saving the water. We need to stop the unnecessary usage of water and plant more and more trees so that when water gets in the rivers it can be stored with the help of plans.

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There are Best NGO who make it is possible we just need to go find the proper place to get involved and once you are done with your contribution you can share it with others so that everyone makes their contribution for a better earth.

Updated: October 2, 2019 — 10:50 am

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