Essay Poverty In India For Students & Children In Simple English


Poverty is a huge problem in India it is a situation in which a person cannot fulfill is basic needs because of less money available to him and their also some people who don’t have any money with them but then also they depend on the natural resources for their lives they leave on roads and they eat the food that they acquire from nature in the form of fruits and also sometimes is a back from the other people to fill their stomach.

The poverty shows and state of extremely poor as they don’t have any financial support but they have to work hard for earning the money for their daily needs and they also have a very miserable life.

In poverty the people do not have any services and also the Essential elements of life like food cloth and shelter they eat the food whatever they get and they do not wear clothes they just rap cloth around them whichever they get and sometimes they also wear clothes of other people who have donated them and they also don’t have a shelter rather than they sleep on the road or in the shade of the trees.


There are various causes of poverty in India but the major problem is the increase in population of India as there is a huge population in India and in which there is only less population who are very rich and other people are at moderate level and there is a huge number of people who are living in poverty and have to fight for the daily needs.

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In India, the unemployment is a main reason of poverty as people don’t have employment to that they can earn a good of money so that they can good life. Also, it is seen that agriculture is very hard in India but nowadays the Government of India has provided various policies for doing agriculture in India which is benefiting the people who want to do agriculture.

The another great reason for poverty in India as there is an inflation in which the food is available in a low amount and the demand is high for the food due to which there is a rise in the food prices where the prices of daily foods like onion and tomato touches the sky which the people living in poverty cannot afford eating them. There is the number of people who are born in poverty and also die in poverty which has an adverse effect on the population of India and also the morals of the people of India.



There are dangerous effects of poverty on the life of the small children as well as adult as in poverty they don’t have a proper health rather than they are in the form of patient every time as they face various diseases due to the on hygienic environment around them and also they don’t have the ability to go to doctor and get medicine for their disease but there are various government hospital which provides free medicines to the poor people. The poverty also increases the crime rate as when people don’t have anything to do they think of various crime and earn money by doing some crime as they don’t have anything to lose and they can earn by doing crimes.

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