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Talking about patriotism is something which makes everyone feel proud for their country. Patriotism is something which feels inside yourself for the people who fought for your country, they do not have any kind of reason to do so but they just do it in the love of their country. Every Indian should have the feeling of patriotism.

Even today when the India is the largest populated country in the world we do have problems from the terrorist section and to defeat them without any hesitation. We need the right soldiers on the right place if we talk about the soldiers India has Indian Army, Indian Navy, and Indian Air Force, these are the people who daily die for our nation.

Indian Army

Well what to say about the Indian Army, there are so many things to say so many proud moments to share but we can’t do all this in one single article.

So we will just come to the main points which we can remember and can I salute to our Indian Army Indian Army is the world’s second best army to protect its country without having any doubt of time or getting captured by the enemy force.

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Indian Navy

Let’s talk about the Indian Navy Indian. Navy have so many successful operations to secure our oceans. Do you know that staying in water more than a week for a very long time without having any kind of contact from the ground?

The Indian Navy stays in the ocean to protect the people who are on the grounds. They also have their families but for them the first thing which comes to mind is their country.

Indian air Force

Well the Indian air force is nowhere behind from Indian Army and Indian Navy. Indian air force has always been a Great asset for the Indian soldiers. The air force power of India is always stronger than other countries who tried to attack on us.

The Fighters of India

After all the fighters which we are talking about there are many other fighters who are fighting daily for our country. We don’t even know how many innocent people are dying just to protect our flag and they all do this without any hesitation of their life.

They have their family, their friends but for them everything else is secondary and the priority is their nation this is how the patriotism is living in every single Indian people.

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The Upcoming Youth

The upcoming youngsters who will join all this organisation just to protect their country need to know the sacrifices which are made by the legendary people and even the people or the youngsters who are going to join this organisation should know and have awareness of it.

Because they die for you and they don’t even ask for any kind of respect being a human being. As a Indian you should be always keep in mind that those are the people who die and you live.

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