My Idol Essay For Students & Children In Simple English


An idol is a person who has greatly influenced your life and you want to become your idol and you also love your idol and you do the various thing that your idol used to do.

There are various role models which are taken as an idle and people want to be like them and they also do various practices to be like them they inbuilt various changes in their own lifestyle and body so that they can not only look like them but they can also behave like them.

When do human beings are small did take various cartoons as their Idol and they wanted to become very powerful like them but as their age increases and they become mature and they watch videos actor we want to become like them and did take actors as the role model and any sports player.

But when they become adult and they complete their education did take various big peoples as a role model who earns a great money and is very leaving a good life and very luxurious life and the individuals also want to live a life like them due to which date take them as their Idol and gone to become like them.

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The idle plays an important role in changing your life from your past to the Future as they make you able to be like them and also they improve your life as you have a goal of becoming like your idol due to which you do various hard work which improves your life and also increase your ability to do any work.

Most of the people have their father as the idol as his and hard work and does every good thing for their family due to which and child also want to become like his father and do hard work in the future and have a family like him.

Idol not only improve your life but they also improve your personality by various means and method as when you have an idle you do everything by which you can become like him and also pass various ways which were very hard but after when you become like him you feel successful and leave a better life.

But it is very good to choose and better Idol as there are many people who choose a unique Idol which is very bad for example the Gangster there are many people living in poverty you want to become a Gangster and destroy everything so it is necessary that you choose a very good Idol.

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There is various Idol present in India which is the great human being in India and is given a lot of pride. The greatest ideal is the Amitabh Bachchan who was and very there are various Idol present in India which is the greatest human thing one of the greatest ideals is the Amitabh Bachchan who is a very good actor and has a very good struggle in his life and urban areas of and downs in his life from which he came up.

There are also and greatest Idol the Ambani family in which everyone is business minded and use the hand in the development of the country and many people have taken demise are the idol and wanted to become a successful man in the world.

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