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India one of the greatest country in the world each one of us in India know the importance of its and today being a part of this great country makes us feel proud.

There are people who wish to leave India and go to other countries but there are even people who wish they are so much blessed to be born in India.

Achievements of India

One of the greatest achievements of India is its own freedom. Yes, you heard it right the greatest thing which India has achieved is its own freedom after being a slave by the Britishers for more than 200 years.

India got its freedom well if it would be any other country it would have forgotten about the freedom also but India took time to get his freedom but once it was decided India grab what it deserves.

Achievement After Independence 

After Independence, there are so many things that India has achieved. Well, the list is too long but we will try to figure out the best things which Indians had done.

Being a country that recently got his independence it is very tough to get nuclear power for its safety. Yes, India has its own nuclear power and after that being one of the greatest countries in Scientists India is one of the countries which have the greatest scientist in the world.

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It just takes one name to show the level of scientists in India had and the name is Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam the person who has a golden name in the history of India. He was the first scientist who launched a rocket from India and became the director of Indian research Organisation ISRO.

Population of India

Well, India is the second-largest populated country that is true but India knows how to manage the people in it. If there is a lack of food then there are people who are ready to share the food with each other.

There are people who sacrificed their lives for others India is a populated country but it is also one of the most lovable countries. The people have emotions and love for each another even if he or she does not deserve it.

The best example of this is the country that was separated from India after the freedom known as Pakistan. Today the whole world knows that what is Pakistan all about but then to India has never attacked them in any kind of situation.

Indian Army

The world‘s third-biggest army is of India there are people who are ready just to sacrifice their life on one single command they don’t even ask any questions after the command has passed.

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They are ready to die for the nation for the flag of India they can die but they could not let their flag insult in front of anyone. No one is forcing them to do so they are doing this for the nation.

An people who live in this nation it is the fear in the heart of terrorist that if the Indian Army got the full support and full permission. They would not take a single minute to finish the whole of terrorism from the world.

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