My Best Friend Essay in English for Class 5 For Students in Easy Words – Read Here


Friend, a very precious person which everyone has in their life. Having friends means more fun in life. We share our things, our happiness as well as our sadness with them. And the perfect person to solve our problems is our best friend. We can trust our best friend like anything.

About my Friend

I have many good friends but Sanjay is my best friend. He is 11 years old. We are in the same class, and we sit on the same bench in the class.

We always play and study together. I share all my feelings with him because he understood me more than other friends. And also, we share our things with each other. I like his company very much.

Good Habits of my Friend

Sanjay is a very kind and positive person. He always helps people and also helps me in my work. He is a very clever student in the class. He has many good habits and good manners.

He is good in the study as well as in the game, and extra activities. He always participates in school activities. He never argues with anyone without reason and if he feels something wrong he keeps his opinions and suggestions in front of everyone.

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The Behavior of my Friend

People like his nature and behavior. Sanjay always is polite and humble to everyone. He likes to swim. He is taking classes in swimming, and he wants to swim for the nation. He is very ambitious towards his passion.

Having a best friend like Sanjay is the best thing. I never feel alone because he always is with me. Whenever I get sad, he makes me laugh and also create positive vibes with his good words.

If I got any difficulty in the study he always helps me out to solve it. He never gets angry with me. He has a very pleasant face which always gives a positive vibe from him.

I never do anything without him. We do more fun together. He always encourages me to do anything.

Family of my Friend

His family is also good in nature. I used to go to his home for a festival celebration, and he also comes to my house to celebrate. Every year our family goes together for the picnic.

Sanjay and I always try to do something new and innovative things. Everyone should have at least one best friend with whom we can share our problems.

Problem Solving

Sometimes we are not able to share our things with our parents or family, but we can easily share it with our best friends. Best friends can solve any problem and can make our happiness double.

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We never feel alone because our best friend never leaves us alone. A best friend never gives you the wrong advice. They know what is good for you and should you do. A best friend never hurt you for any reason.

So, this is all about my best friend. I will never break my friendship with him. And he will also not leave me in the future. Our friendship will live longer until the end of our life. I love my best friend very much.

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