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In India, if we talk about the great moments we will never forget the name of mother Teresa. No one can ever forget her dedication and helping nature to words the common people. His aim was to spread only happiness in the world.

Birthday of Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa a great woman who was born on 26 August 1910 in Yugoslavia and her real name was Agnes Bojaxhiu. She became a nun at the age of 18. It was a very small age for a girl to become a nun but she felt that it would be better to become a nun for the rest of the life.

After becoming a nun and she came to India. And began to teach students in the school. But somewhere in her heart, she was not satisfied seeing the people of India in trouble. And later she decided to serve the poor people of India.

Indian Citizen

After she started working for the poor of Indian people she took Indian citizenship in 1948. After that, she started purchasing places where she could start schools, hospitals, and orphanages. This was one of the greatest moments started by Mother Teresa in 1950.

The mother Teresa missionaries have a chain of 160 in India. And the Mother Teresa missionary also has 105 and other branches throughout other countries.

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For the service, she came to the Indian citizens she also received many awards for her service dedication and helping nature to words mankind. She was also honored by noble prize and Bharat Ratna.

Appreciation of Work

She was always there for everyone and never expected any appreciation or awards for her work. A lady with a golden heart she never expected anything in Britain she always help everyone without any Tension of profit and loss.

Today so many orphanages are opened on the name of mother Teresa and people are running trust in her name. In India today if we heard the name mother Teresa we get a kind of trust from a particular person. And people are still joining this trust to help others.

Inspired by Mother Teresa

If we talk about the inspiration mother Teresa is the perfect example for the youth. She has inspired so many people through her work to help the poor. Even today the stories her work done for the poor inspired the people of this generation.

In India’s mother, Teresa’s been respected as a great lady and a motivation to words the poor. There are so many hospitals on the name of mother Teresa and people donate in that hospital from there will. In the remembrance of Mother Teresa.

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The Great Soul Left Us

No one ever thought that this day will come when Mother Teresa leave us. And she passed away on 5 September 1997 in Calcutta. She was a great soul am she taught us that if you are rich you should help the poor. And if you are poor you should help each other because this is the only way you can survive.

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