Essay On I Want To Become A Doctor For Students & Children In Simple English

A doctor is a person who helps the other person who is in need and has been getting diseased and the doctor get the treatment to the people and cure them.

In this world, a doctor is a very respected person and when people get ill they first look to the doctors as they can cure their illness as quickly as possible and everyone needs a doctor at some point of their life as doctors are much in demand.

And because of this, my aim in my life is to become a doctor as for when I will become a doctor I want to cure the people and help the people and cure their diseases.

Another reason of becoming a doctor is that in our family no one has become a doctor and because of this when I expressed my thoughts to my parents they probably supported me in this and because of this my ambition to become a doctor has been working on.

A Doctor

There are many types of doctors ranging from the general pediatricians to specialist and to become a doctor there are many fields available. To become a doctor everyone should have a lot of training and education in their colleges as to prepare for the medicines people have to study subjects like Biology chemistry and some mathematics as it generally talks about 7 to 8 years to finish his education in doctors and the first four years would used for the pre-medicine classes and then the other 4 years students are been given knowledge about the medicine one chooses in medical school and after the medical school the students are given a1 year internship in a clinic or in a hospital for practice medicine under the supervision of a senior doctor and it can take about 10 to 11 years to become an independent and successful doctor.

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As there are growing population day by day and as there are many pollutions that are been created and because of this pollution many diseases are been happening and because of this, there is a great demand of this profession of doctor.

For becoming a doctor there is a great demand in this field but this field has to pay high amount of fees and because of this most of the people do not use this field to become a doctor because of the high amount of money but when a person becomes a well educated and independent Doctor we can earn up to 6,00,000 to 7,00,000 annually. A doctor can have his personal Clinic and in that he can be able to earn about 3 lakh to 4 lakh annually.

The Need For A Doctor

There is a much need for a doctor in this world as a doctor is the only person who can save the life of many people. And so because of this, every person should be thinking in their life to become a doctor as there is much need of the doctor and because of this, I have the ambition to become a doctor in my life and to serve many people.

When I will become a doctor I will serve people with low cost and more try to help them as they can be able to get treatment from me with a low cost easily. And because of these, the people could be treated and I would be able to enjoy my ambition of serving the people.

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