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Science has given us so many different inventions which made life so easy. Today signed in extending in every field meet the man’s work easier.

Medicines And Operations

Science has done so much development in medicines and operations. In the olden days, we can’t even imagine a cure of a new disease because there was a lack of equipment to find out the cure. But now the scenario has been changed and people understand the importance of life.

This is the reason people are getting into science and operations so that they can help others through their skills. If we look at the operations which are performed in the hospitals are so high-tech and equipped with so much technology.

Social Media

Social media is also been updated with the help of science. We could never imagine seeing our friends or family member If they are far away from us. But just because of the technology today we can check with them call them or even the better video call them. This all happens just because of science and innovation.

With the help of social media, science has increased so much awareness in the people. Science has also improved the ways of social media. Today social media is a great achievement in science because of science social media is everywhere.

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Science has given us a beautiful gift of electricity. Today each one of us is using this gift and no one can survive on this earth without this gift of science. The electricity runs the train mail and factories which are made by humans but only runs on the electricity which is the capital of science.

The development of any place is depending upon the Electricity. If the electricity is not properly produced in a particular area the development of that area could not grow well. So for the development of any place the electricity is a very important thing to be used.


As we are knowing that science has given us so many wonderful things which are making our daily life so easier. But simultaneously we should never forget that the usage of anything over the limits is never proper.

Science could be used to cure a human being but at the same time, science is the reason behind the illness of that man. Using anything over the limit is always a trouble for anyone so never forget that science also has their limits.


Science has reduced the efforts behind transportation. In the olden days where people have to deliver anything by themselves, science has helped them to deliver through transport.

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With the help of transportation, it reduces the load on a particular person and even the time which could be consumed while transportation.

Today transporting a man from one place to another is so easy with the help of flight and it is happening just because of science and technology.

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