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It is the science and technology which had taken us to another level of living. Every field has progressed because of science. It is the greatest blessing among all. Being working magically, it has made human life very comfortable.

We human being, cannot live without the use of modern machinery. Indeed it is our lifeline. Every sphere of life is working with the help of modern science.


Scientist leans that the election transmit the data of audio and video and this is how they invented Television.

Mixer Grinder

Earlier it was seen, women use to churn spices on a big stone which takes lots of effort and time, but now it is replaced by the mixer grinder. By just pressing one button of the blender, the spices get finely churn within a minute.


It is so easy to keep food, fruits and vegetable fresh by storing them in the fridge. We even enjoy a scoop of ice-cream, cold drink, and cold water by keeping them in the fridge. The cooler liquid of the freezer absorbs the heat present all around and decreases the temperature which makes them cooler.


During the summer season, the air conditioner is used in many big town cities. The temperature is getting decreased but just pressing a button.

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Water Purifier

There is plenty of water purifier available in the market which works on scientific method which cleans the water automatically making it safe for drinking purpose.

Cooking Gas And Induction

For preparing food, the heat gets a transfer through the medium of radiation, conduction, and convection. Use of new gas includes the working of Physics.

Outside The Home

We have seen that science has replaced the bullock cart by the modern technology of vehicle. Current vehicle has many facilities in them. Nowadays it is easy to buy a vehicle with some scheme.

The working of vehicles includes the science of chemistry as it works by the combustion of fuels.


A scientist has discovered medicine, almost to cure every type of diseases. The new drug works magically. It shows the result in one or second dose.

There are also many types of surgeries available to make people looking good, stylish and young. Nowadays many people are going for this kind of operations.


It is effortless to communicate with the help of new technology, to the person who is staying far miles away.

There is a Smartphone, internet, etc. for communication. However, science even has some disadvantages.


Science has given birth to a destructive weapon. Just by the pressing of some buttons or trigger, many lives can end. Missiles, nuclear bomb, the hydrogen bomb, etc. are the bombs which can cause death to the people. Science has invented many poisonous gases. Many people were died in the Bhopal gas tragedy in 1984 due to the toxic gas leakage

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As the science gave birth to many modern hi-tech types of machinery, it took the hope to earn for the livelihood from the poor and illiterate people.


Science is an excellent blessing, but it depends on the human being that in which way they are using this blessing as it will not take more than a minute to turn grace into a curse.

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