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Science, in general, is the variety of knowledge that is received through the senses, such as sight, smell, touch; also through reasoning. As far as fiction is concerned, it is an imaginary world, invented, in which the receiver enters, and thanks to this the imagination of individuals is fostered and exercised.

What Is Science

Science: is the body of knowledge of humanity in the various fields and the development of them to achieve a better understanding corpse of the world around us.

Currently, science has developed in many aspects from the most complex technological tools for exclusive and secret uses of government to things we use every day, The work offers the public interesting scientific contributions to issues that affect our daily life, which brings us the world of science to our daily life.

Science In The Medical Field

Nowadays with all many advances, it has become possible for women who were unable to give birth to use a woman that is offered as an incubator, therefore not necessarily the woman who has the birth is the original mother, this kind of things was not taken into account before because it could not even pass through the heads of those in charge of establishing laws.

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Cloning gives us to question the creation of another human being at the hands of science; this goes against what has been said for thousands of years.

The Result Of The Activity With Science

With technology, knowing how to act is transmitted institutionally; the action tends to be indirect, sophisticated and organized; it tries to evaluate the result of the activities carried out as a progress of the satisfaction of the interests that have been taken as a point of reference.

Computer The Main Component

Computers are an element that is increasingly present in our daily lives. Behind an ATM, a telephone switchboard, the control panel of a car or the controls of airplane hide computers that perform the functions for which they have been designated.

The impact of computer systems in our lives is such that their malfunction can cause us little inconvenience to every human being. Today to carry out the smooth function every sector take the help of a computer.

Science In The Biological Field

All biological systems of purification, the microorganisms play a fundamental role in the process. However, little information is still available on the natural composition and functioning of these microscopic communities. Therefore, its study is of great interest to be able to better understand the operation of the system and, thus, be able to contribute to the improvement of its performance.

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As the name itself is smart, yes indeed it is called a smartphone. This phone with the help of science and technology has replaced many other gadgets such a watch, camera, calendar, calculator, letter, etc. It is proved as the necessary essential equipment of the human.


The application of science and indeed taken a human life to a comfort zone.

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