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God has created the universe, he is the creator of mankind as well as the creator of many other living organisms. To maintain the healthy ecosystem the survival of the very creature is very much necessary.

The wildlife sanctuaries and the national parks are made for the conservation of the species who are on the verge of extinction. All the animals directly or indirectly play a vital role in human existence.

What Is A Wildlife Sanctuary

A wildlife sanctuary is a place where the animals who were in a dangerous situation is get rescued from there and brought here. The animals who don’t have one for their survival bring down in the wildlife sanctuaries and help them for the survival.

In short, we can say that a wildlife sanctuary is a place like heaven on the earth for the wild animal.

Benefits Of Wildlife Sanctuaries

Protection Of The Species

The main aim for the creation of the wildlife sanctuary is to protect the wildlife species who come under the endangered category.

Conservation Of The Biodiversity

Primarily the conservation of the wildlife is necessary for the proper balance of the ecosystem. It is also important that the future generation will be able to know about biodiversity life through wildlife sanctuaries.

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Management Of Wildlife Sanctuaries

If the management team of the wildlife sanctuary found the animals or birds in an injured condition, they immediately perform the medical treatment over the species. The team is busy in creating the situation of like some of the wildlife species.

The management tea of the wildlife also takes care of the breeding habits of the animals.

Sanctuaries On India

In India, there are almost 500 wildlife sanctuaries which take care of the different animal and birds. Among 500 almost 29 sanctuaries are preserved for the protection and conservation of tigers. Many of wildlife sanctuaries has turned out into the national parks.

The initiation is taken to build the wildlife sanctuary to make them free from human exploitation. The animals breed in the sanctuary itself.


Visiting a wildlife sanctuary with friends and family attracts everyone. Many of the tourists come to study the nature of animals. By visiting, many of the people realize the loss we are making by the overpopulation.

Visiting wildlife gives the idea of the cruelty of human beings which they show on the animals.

Individual Steps

The individual can make some of the help  to the sanctuaries for the conservation of wildlife species;

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They should not arm the wildlife creature at any cost, remember, even they are the creation of God, they even possess feelings.

If an individual finds any animal in the injured situation, they should be informed of the department of the wildlife sanctuary. As technology has made advancement, an individual should make the use of this technology for helping the wildlife species.


People should cooperate with wildlife sanctuaries management while visiting the place.

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