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The word war means a state of confliction or fight between state organizations or countries. The war between the countries is also known as world war which takes place on the very large scale and has larger destruction and also a huge loss to the infrastructure and development of the country and also to the people of the country who lose the war. The war not only makes a loss to the country who lose the war but also to the country who has won the war because there is a lot of destruction which takes place during the war.


The word war has been derived from the old German language word ‘weran’ which means to confuse or to create and conclusion. It was found that the war has been taken place from the past 14000 years ago, in the Mesolithic cemetery site about 45% of the skeleton were found displaying the signs of violent death due to war. The weapon used in the olden days were not like the weapons available today they mostly used the bow and arrow, and they also use a spear to fight with each other and also to protect themselves they used to use the shield during the war. But nowadays the weapons have become very modern and also have new technology which might create a huge disaster.

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There are various causes of War; it does not only takes duty one reason, but it has several reasons. The main reason for War is to become a superior country due to which they dominate the opponent country. The domination on the opponent country is done by various methods like fighting for increasing the territory or to gain the economic development from the other country by taking and control over the countries well and also the resources of the country. Nationalism is another main cause of War in which the country wants to prove its nationalism by making their country superior to the world. But sometimes the war is called due to were done before in which they have lost, and they want to do war again for the revenge.

Effects Of War

There are various harmful effects of War on both the countries or state because lots of resources are found during the war especially the human resource in which many humans die due to the harm was done during the war. It takes a lot of time to recover from the damage done during the war, and sometimes it becomes impossible to get recovery from it.


The prevention of War is almost impossible, but it is tried by the various method to neglect the war between countries. A closer respective relationship is developed between countries to reduce the probability of having a war with each other, and sometimes it also has if a war takes place the other country has to see you by various means. Education also please and use role in the prevention of was educated people know the effects of War and also they don’t like rather they want to solve the issues without war peacefully.

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