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A place which is smaller than the city or town is known as the village. A village is a place of peace. Earlier many people use to live in the village itself, but due to the increasing employment opportunity, people started migrating to town.

The village is a very beautiful and calm place. The place is very close to nature. There is very less population in the village.


We find many types of trees in the village we are hardly seen in cities nowadays. As soon as when one recalls their village the scene of ponds, greenery, the house of mud, cattle, groves, etc. comes in their imagination.

Fresh Product

During the respective season, we see many fruits growing out from their trees. Children are much excited to pluck the fruits directly from the trees. The same is with the flower. Women pluck a fresh flower from their garden and make a garland for worshipping God

In the village, we get the fresh, unmixed milk of cattle. Which make a child and a person healthier.


Still, many people in the village are practicing agriculture to earn their livelihood. In cities, people go to the gym to stay fit and healthy, but in the village, there is no need of going to the gym.

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Many of the farmers do not buy grocery from the shop; they consume their field grocery. The eating of those rice and dal is incredible.


People of the village enjoy by taking a bath in the village with their friends. Many of them catch fish from the lakes. There comes a great love in eating those nonveg dishes.


There are some drawbacks too in the village. However, it has become less by the development of the nation. Still girl face problem for going to school. Sometimes the reason for this can be not having the proper traveling facility to go to school or sometimes poverty.

Power Cut

There is a problem of load shedding in the village. People always have to be ready with the kerosene at their home to light the earthen lamps. Every season whether it is Summer, Winter or Monsoon leave its adverse impact on the village.

There are many families whose grandparents stay in the village. When people get their vacation in summer or winter, they planned to visit their native place.


The feeling of going to the birthplace is fantastic. The children are much excited to visit the village as they get free from the boundary in which they have to be always in cities. The people who go to visit the village enjoys swimming in canals and pond.

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The best time to visit the village is in summer. The people often gather at under some of the shadowy tree and talk of long. Enjoys the moment which they are spending with their family, friends, and grandparents.

At night, the people like to sleep under the moonlight in the courtyard on a cot and feel the cool, pleasant breeze which blows around their mind.

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