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Since many centuries, untouchability is practiced in IndiaIt is one type of social crime. Here, based on their cast and social group the people are discriminated from society.

Victims Of Untouchability

When the Aryan entered in India, they divided the people into groups according to their finance, color, and occupation. There were four classes viz; The Brahmans, The Kshatriya, The Vaishya, and The Shudras.

All the priest were counted in the Brahmana class. The Soldier was there in The Kshatriya group. Whereas the group Vaishya include people from farming or small merchants background and last but not the least the Shudra constitute of sanitary labor group.

The lowermost group that is the Shudras is the victim of untouchability. They are also called Dalit people. These Shudras people do labor, cleaning work, tackling former cattle, scavenging, etc. No one in society shows them respect and dignity.


Many companies or the landlord, refuse to offer the job to the people who belong from a lower caste. These people were not allowed to fight for their right if they try to do so the top group dominate them in every aspect.

There is a separate educational institute for the Dalit children. They are not allowed to seek an education with the upper-class students in the typical school.

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The Dalit people cannot sit or stand nearby the high-class people. If the upper-class people are sitting on the chair, Dalit has to sit on the floor. They even have to keep their utensil separate; they were not allowed to use the water where the high-class women are coming for the fetching purpose.

The Dalit were not allowed to enter the temple and worship the god. In the same way, they were discriminated from the hospitals; no matter let the sick person who belongs from the Dalit caste die.

They were refused to travel from any common public transport as well as cannot enter in any of the public places.

In Modern Society

In an urban area, it is hardly scened the matter of untouchability. Here, people from various group worked together and shared the apartment. There are many laws imposed by the government in favor of Dalit families.

There is some category reserved for them to seek admission in school or colleges or to get employment in government and the private sector. Untouchability is vanishing from urban society.

If we talk about the remote or underdeveloped area, people are still stuck to their customs and beliefs. They are not ready to accept the changes which are made by the government and to give equal status to the Dalit people.

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If the ancestor were indulged in the sanitary cleaning no matter their new generation if has becomes an officer, still have to face the untouchability due to the occupation of an ancestor.


This social crime has deep roots in Indian society. In urban place it has vanished, now it is the time for the rural area. Yes, it is difficult to remove these practice completely but not impossible.

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