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Teacher, whom we consider as our second parents. A person who has a huge amount of knowledge. The teacher always shares their knowledge with everyone.

They always teach us good manners and good habits. A person who gives shape to everybody’s brain with their knowledge. Makes a good person to live in this society. For this, we celebrate teacher’s day to show respect and love to our teachers.

History of Teacher

We celebrate teacher’s day on 5th September. In actual, 5th September is the birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan who was a great teacher and also a president of India in 1962.

The reason behind the celebration of teachers day, when he was president his students requested him to celebrate his birthday.

On this request, he replied that instead of celebrating his birthday he will be happy if his birthday is celebrated as a teacher’s day.

He was a great teacher and his words show his love and respect for his teaching. Every teacher loves its teaching profession. And from that day, we celebrate teacher’s day in India.

On this day we show our respect and love toward our teachers through many things, like giving the gift to them or saying some words to them, etc.

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Role of Teacher

Teachers play an important role in our life. Our parents are our first, but after them, we consider our teachers as second parents. We gain knowledge, take guidance, and always receive encouragement from our teacher.

Parents keep their faith in the teachers so the teacher always having a responsibility towards students to make a good and skillful person. Each and every moment with teachers teach you lots of knowledgeable things.

They teach us like their child, how to behave with others, good things, good manners, skills, awareness, values, etc.

To become a successful person you need is a teacher, without a teacher’s guidance you will not get your right way to become successful.

On each and every step you need a piece of important advice which will help you to get success. From the day we born till we get die we always learn something.

What our teacher teaches us is never gets waste because on every stage of life we remember the lessons given by our teachers.

The teacher never teaches you the wrong things, and always boost and inspire us towards the carrier.

Teacher’s Day Celebration in India

Celebrating a teacher’s day is the way to show our love and respect towards the teacher for all those efforts they took for us. On this day schools and colleges decorate the classrooms, prepare some activities for teachers and students too.

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Student gives gifts to their teachers, some give a speech, and some sings songs and dance for them.

Many school and collages keep some competitions like writing competition, singing competition, dancing competition, etc. on this day. Every student takes the initiative to make their teachers happy.

Not every student say the importance of the teacher in their life, but on this day every student could show and express their feelings to them.

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