Essay On Soil Pollution For Students & Children Simple English

Define Soil Pollution

Accordingly, soil pollution can be described as the contamination of the soil due to the chemicals and the fertilizers which are used to enrich the soil for the better growth and the production of the plants so this is used.

This all makes the soil contaminated and due to which the nourishment of the soil loose. Not only due to the use of the chemicals but also due to the industrial wastage and also due to the improper disposal of wastage.

How Is Soil Pollution Caused?

Here there are two types of pollutants:

Manmade Pollutants

Natural Pollutants

Manmade Pollutants

Industrial wastage:


Industrial waste and air pollution with black smoke from chimneys.

many of the industry are in the chemical field so some of the wastage lines are directly connected to the agriculture field where they leave all the wastage and due to which the soil get contaminated.

Spills And Accidental Leaks:

During any of the transportation of the oils through the pipelines so there can be damaged due to which the soil get contaminated.

Extraction Activity:


Mining activity is done in some of the areas so due to which the soil get polluted, due to the trimming activity.

Crude oil and many of the minerals are extracted from the underground sources of the surface due to which the soil get contaminated during the activity the raw materials are crushed this cause the soil to get contaminated.

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Digging Of Lands To Store The Wastage:

Wastage of the house and some of the other toxic substances can pollute the soil and also the underground water which is been stored under the surface of the earth. This also contaminated the soil in and bad manner.

Construction Work:

Soil pollution as many sources to get contaminated in that the construction sites are the most in the urban region many of the chemicals are used in the construction sites because of which the soil get polluted badly.

  • Natural pollutants

Accumulation Power.

Natural accumulation of the soil is due to the imbalance between atmospheric deposition and leaking away of precipitation water.

Control Of Soil Pollution

Soil now a day get contaminated due to the various reasons to bring it in control the humans have to take various measure to protect it.

We should make less usage of the chemicals and the fertilizers to the soil due to which the contamination of the soil goes less. We should not make the overuse of the chemicals in the soil.

We should use the bio-fertilizers for the soil which make the content and the microorganisms to reproduces fast.

This process need to be pesticides and fungicides, this manure has some of the ecological systems in a negative way.

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Plastic waste and much other garbage which is thrown into the soil, being throwing to the soil we should recycle it and then we should reuse it this can control the pollution factor in the soil.

De-forestation is the other activity which is done widely which cause the soil erosion factor more and there is also the loose of the fertility in the land.

Hazardous waste and the chemicals can make the growth to reduce and also the soil fertility and the nourishment also get loosed.

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