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Self-discipline is a skill that can be acquired with practice and patience. If one is determined to increase self-discipline, he can do it with some effort. It may initially seem difficult and one may be tempted to leave, but the key is to try a little harder and get through it.

Self-discipline is important for living a healthy life.

Self-Discipline Gives Good Habits

Many people understand and accept the importance of self-discipline but are unwilling to strive to achieve it. Some try and leave too soon. Others feel that it is too much and makes no effort to achieve it. Self-discipline is very important.

It would not be wrong to say that self-discipline promotes good health. People living disciplined lives ensure that they sleep on time every day and get enough sleep. They wake up fresh and can take better charge of their day.

They understand the importance of exercise and indulge regularly. They have complete self-control and do not give in to temptations. They can control urges for junk food very well.

Self-Disciplined Are Successful in Doing All Their Work

The biggest obstacle to achieving success in work is to be self-disciplined. A self-disciplined person is not relaxed. He focuses on self-control and focuses on work rather than just taking time off.

He is distracted and does not give in to temptations. He knows that work comes first and other things can wait. He does not hesitate to put his mobile phone aside as he sits to work. He also opposes being part of the unnecessary office gossips.

He is involved in productive work which can help him to achieve success at work. He is particular about the quality of the work as well as the time frame. He completes his work on time and ensures good quality, he does not waste time. Rather, he prefers to read a book or join a part-time course to enhance his skills and knowledge. All this helps move up the ladder of success.

Self-Discipline Needed For A Healthy And Rich Life

Self-discipline is one of the important ingredients for living a healthy and prosperous life. The self-disciplined person does not indulge in addictions like smoking, drinking alcohol, etc. They stick to healthy eating habits.

When he talks of exercising, meditating and completing his work, he does not get relaxed.

Discipline Should be Taught in Every School

We should emphasize discipline in schools. The mind of students is playful and mischievous. Discipline stabilizes the fickle minds of children. This stability helps them to move ahead steadily in the struggle of life. All this is possible due to discipline.


Self-discipline is the ability to get controlled by our self. Time is very limited in any person’s life and if time is wasted then its end can be quite terrible. We need the discipline to stop wasting time.

There is never an occasion in human life when you do not need discipline or do any work without discipline. A pleasant life cannot be imagined without discipline.

Updated: March 24, 2020 — 12:50 pm

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