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Environmental expert Mohan Kulkarni has said that environmental protection is a social responsibility and that everybody in the society is a social commitment to work for environmental protection.

Strict Law Should Be Imposed

If adequately disposed of solid waste, it can be used for reprocessing and disposal of the remaining wastes will be convenient.

The expert expressed the hope that strict implementation of the environment protection law system will help in conservation of the environment.

Two Types Of Pollutes Are Present Viz

Primary– These are pollutants that are discharged directly into the atmosphere from the emission sources.

Secondary– They are not discharged directly into the atmosphere. They are produced as a result of transformations and chemical or photochemical reactions that the primary pollutants undergo in the atmosphere.

Soil Contamination Problem

Nowadays, soil contamination is a problem that nobody cares about. All people pollute in many ways as when throwing garbage as it takes a long time to degrade, for example, Plastic bags, because of their minimal thickness, can be transformed faster than a bottle of that material.

The free use of fertilizers and pesticides as soil contamination since it makes the soil infertile since that will cause the person every time sow will occupy fertilizers.

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Environmental Pollution

Water pollution is another problem that people do not care much about. Water is essential for life. Without water living beings could not exist. But human beings have insisted on contaminating it.

Substances such as chemical residues, gasoline or petroleum can contaminate the water of the surface and the soil when they are mixed in some of the stages of the water cycle. It can also alter the equilibrium of the ecosystems, and all the pollutants cause the plants Marines and animals to die.

Air Pollution

The excessive use of the car causes a high degree of air pollution and if we add that many of them are in poor condition and discharge a large number of pollutants that directly affect health.


Alterations manifest the results in ecosystems; in the generation and spread of diseases in living beings, mass death and, in extreme cases, the disappearance of animal and plant species; inhibition of productive systems and, in general, degradation of the quality of life (health, clean air, clean water, recreation, enjoyment of nature, etc.).

We must adopt some of the rules which are given below to reduce and save the environment to a greater extent.

Disconnect electrical appliances that are not used to recycle reuse and reduce the material. Separate organic waste from inorganic, minimize the use of aerosols. Decreases the use of your car, deposit the trash in its place. Avoid throwing oils in the lava frets.

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Sound environmental pollution is something unimportant for many people because they are not aware of what they are doing, although we all pollute when they burn trash or when discarding tons of garbage a day and that also contaminates the soil with air and water.

But also large companies pollute more because they produce a lot of smoke and that smoke we inhale the bacteria that are provided by large companies.

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