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Ragging is the term which is used for the things that the students of the schools and colleges that practiced means that the senior students of a college harass their junior college students for their fun. This ragging of the students is being practiced in many of the countries where there are higher Educational Institutes, and mostly in this Universities and Institutions, this ragging is being done on the junior Students by their seniors.

The seniors of the college try to humiliate or harass the junior students who are new in that college they also give abusive languages to the students and also tell them to do some work like harassment for them. They also do physical torture to the junior students. Mostly this ragging of the junior students is done for the fun among the senior students, but this ragging is being very much dangerous for a student as it can cause it’s life as well.

The Torture And Causes

Mostly this ragging is being done in the Asian countries like India Pakistan Bangladesh and as well in Sri Lanka not also in Asian countries but these ragging systems are being practiced by the students in countries like America, and all over and mostly this ragging should be controlled by the government of the countries for the welfare of their students

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. The Torture that the senior students give to the younger students like there are many tortures that the junior students have to face like they are ordered to exchanged their dress code and dressed like their opposite sex or they are also fooled and also verbal tortured by their seniors and so because of this the ragging system can affect the minds of the junior students and they feel like they get embarrassed by this and sometimes the students can end their life and so because of this the ragging can cause great harm to the students life as well.

Anti-Ragging Organization

There is ragging that is done in many countries and also it is done in India as well. Mostly in India there are many highly educated institutes that are being developed, and also there are many engineering and medical colleges in India and most of the raggings are being done in this field as many students like to go to higher institutes to take their education but in these Institutions there are many senior students who like to ragg the junior and the new students, and so because of this it creates a great embarrassment for the junior students in that college, and the students get embraced in front of all the students.

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And so because of this there are many anti-ragging NGOs that are been made by the government for the security of the students and as it has been noticed in India that there are about 11 to 12 deaths that are being caused because of the ragg in the past 8 years and so because of this the government has taken action on this ragging, and many NGOs are being developed. In this anti-ragging it is a helpline for the students who get ragged or been forced they can call in this and complain about the ragging and the government will take action among the people who are ragging their juniors.

As the anti-ragging organizations are developed in India because of this many colleges has been looking on this, and the senior students are stopped to ragg their junior students, and because of this, the life of many people could be saved.

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