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Population India map. Demography vector concept of India map composed of scattered person elements and circle points. Abstract social scheme of national group cartography.

India is the wine country with the billions of population after China population the Indian country lies 2nd in the world for the population, there are many of the reasons that the people migrate from the country towards another country and some are the reason are as follows.

 Early marriage system

This early marriage system is the most problematic one because the girls are been legally marriageable in the early stage that is 18 years they are put into this all problem. In India marriage is a sacred obligation where the girls are been married at her reproductive age.

Poverty and illiteracy

Another problem for the overcrowding in the country is the poverty and the illiteracy. So the poor people think that if there are more numbers of the members of the family then there would be more members to earn for the families.

Age old Culture


Indian people are those who that they always think about their norms said by their family members. There is one fact that the sons are the bread earners for the family. So the elder people put pressure on the parents to produce till the male is born in the family.

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Some of the steps to control the increasing population in India


“Education” Button on Modern Computer Keyboard.

Each and every people of the country must be educated as much they can because the uneducated people do not get to know the problem of the big family, to fulfill the norms of the old people they have the children one after the other, so the government should take the initiative that the people should be educated.

Family Planning

After the two children in the family, the family planning should be made this should be seen by the government and they should spread the awareness about the family planning in each and every family.

The monetary facility is given by the government

Today the people are seeing that how the money will come to the family, so the government should take the initiative to give the money for the people that as only one child this will help to decrease the population in the country.

The penalty for the family

If any of the family as more than two children than the government should charge the penalty for the family this will help to reduce the increase of the children in the family, and also if they have not done the family plan.

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All the population in the country should think that if there is increase in the family than there will be the problem for the country such as the overcrowding in each walk of the life, unemployment will become the problem, so the citizen should also take the initiative very seriously about the population increase in the country and the policies should be framed by the bodies of the government.

Today the man is only looking for is own comfort rather thinking of the environment, so he has become the selfish creature in the world, so if he is aware that the government will also give the dam support for this serious issues.

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