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Nowadays the word “pollution” is become very common to hear that we all are aware of it. Pollution means to contaminate, to destroy the purity of; especially the waste which made by us. By our own activity, this place is unclean and unhealthy for us where we all live.

This pollution is not only affecting human being but also affect the plant and animals in the environment. Pollution killed 9 million people from all over the world in 2015.

There are 10 types of pollution, they are air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution which we all are aware of it others are pollutions they are light pollution, littering pollution, plastic pollution, soil contamination, thermal pollution, visual pollution, radioactive contamination.

Effects Of Pollution:


There is a number of effects on the environment they are on the environment. Weather in the air or in the water, the environment is the 1st casualty responsible for the increase in pollution.

In the atmosphere, the rise in the amount of CO2 leads to smog from reaching to the earth it restricts the sunlight, thus in the process of photosynthesis plants prevent. In terms of the oil spill, water pollution may cause several wildlife species death.

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Health Of Human Being

The problems or diseases like lung cancer or asthma are caused due to a decrease in the quality of air which leads to various respiratory problems.

Some of the diseases can be caused by air pollution are throat inflammation, congestion, respiratory diseases, chest pain, etc. also water and noise are affecting our health.

Ozone Layer Depletion

From reaching to the earth that stops the ultraviolet rays in the sky which is the thin high up shield is known as the Ozone layer.  

Global Warming

Global warming is caused when there is greenhouse emission of gases particularly CO2. In the environment, there is an increase in CO2 which lead to all of them directly or indirectly.

These increase in CO2 with the increase in sea level which leads to polar ice caps to be melted and can pose a danger for the people who lives near the coastal region.

Infertile Land

The soil may become fertile due to the use of pesticides and insecticides. The plant may not in the position to grow up properly. Quality of soil is mostly affected by various chemicals which are released from the industries.

Various Types Of Pollution Affect Critically 

Air Pollution

This pollution is referred to any contamination of the atmosphere which disturbs the natural chemistry and composition of air.

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Light Pollution

Which area is considered obstructive to the over-illumination of an area is called light pollution.

Visual Pollution

Virtual pollution includes sources like the area under construction, power lines, billboards, and advertising, etc.

Personal Pollution

It is the type of pollution which is the contamination with detrimental action of one’s body and lifestyle.

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