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You must have heard about the pollution and because of this pollution what all things we are facing as a human being. The pollution problem has been increased rapidly in the last few years and we have to stop this problem by any means.

Pollution For Nature 

Each and every person knows the condition of the earth taking fresh air is very much difficult for the common man. An because of this everyone is getting different kinds of diseases in his body.

Nobody loves to be a part of this pollution but everyone is responsible for this. The people who are not paying proper attention for the environment are spoiling the whole nature.

Reducing the lifespan of the human being because the humans are reducing nature and polluting is increasing the whole earth. It would be very much difficult for the upcoming generation to survive on it.

There will be only one way that they should leave the earth and shift to some other planet. Well, it sounds crazy but today the scientist are planning for this step. Scientists should find some or the other way to help nature rather finding life on some other planet.

Effects on Human Body

The human body is getting affected by this pollution as a young human body we don’t understand much but as we grow old we face so many problems at a very early age.

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We are not even capable of reducing them because we live in the same pollution where the environment level is very low an oxygen is getting more and more polluted and the carbon dioxide is getting increased in nature.

Well, it would happen just because the plans are not enough to reduce the carbon dioxide present in the air. As human beings, we have reduced so many plans and started building houses to live into it.

But as a human being, we have forgotten that to live in a house we need pure air which is nearly impossible to get now but as we know that it’s not too late.

We understand the importance of pure air. We cannot stop this problem in one second for all. Yes it will take some time and there will be people who will not support us but if you want to do this we should focus on the upcoming generation and take the important steps according to it.

Medical Emergencies

There are people who cannot survive in this polluted air but because of a medical emergency, they have to be in this kind of environment.

There are so many cases of pollution that the kids are not able to take the proper breathing through this year and they have stopped breathing because of this polluted air.

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The parents had to make some tough calls and shifted to some kind of hill stations where the pollution Level is little low compared to the city areas. But this is not the solution to the problem.

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