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Obedience means obeying orders happily. This is one aspect of devotion. This is completely different from the tendency of slavery because the nature of slavery means the state of consternation.

Not obeying the elders is wrong. It is the duty of every boy and girl to obey his parents, teachers, and elders with pleasure. If they fail to do so, then they are considered to be flaws or arrogance.

Respect Your Elders Thinking

It is not the job of children to criticize the thinking of people who are strong in their thoughts. Children should always keep in mind that their experience and knowledge about the world is very less, compared to older people. Older people like our parents, grandparents, and teachers have more knowledge.

They have lived in this world longer than the children and they have seen and understood the world more, so they can think more deeply. Therefore, children should not ignore whatever elder people teach.

Sometimes older people can also make mistakes, but still, they have to listen and keep obeying them, because most of their things are right and children do not have that much understanding of right and wrong.

Obedience Role in Society

Obedience keeps the society united. Therefore, it can be called a strong bond or base of social life. Without obedience, society cannot run even for a day. Government orders are called laws, which demonstrate the will of the majority of the state in an independent country.

It is the duty of all citizens of the state to follow the laws passed by their representatives in the country’s legislature. If the citizens start disobeying the laws then the chaos will spread in the country.

Obedience in Family’s Happiness

The good conduct of children depends on the obedience of parents. In a family where children do not obey their parents, happiness and peace are destroyed and there is discord all the time in that house.

Now you think that if children start disobeying the order of parents, what will be the result? This can lead to disintegrating families. So every parent should teach their children’s manners of obedience form childhood itself.

If you obey your elders then only your younger ones will obey you

The one who has never obeyed the orders of his elders, how will he get respect from his younger ones, the soldier who has always obeyed the orders of his officers as a minor soldier, later becomes a good commander and his soldiers are glad to obey his orders. The same thing applies to everyone’s ​​life.


Every obedient child will grow up and become a good citizen of the country. After a few years, he will teach his children the lessons of discipline and obedience, so that they grow up to become worthy citizens of the country.

When we grow up and our experience becomes mature, then we will get the understanding to make our own decisions. We should always obey the order of the elders in any situation. Herein lies the welfare of family, society, and country.

Updated: March 24, 2020 — 12:16 pm

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