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Noise is the unwanted sound dumped into the environment. Noise pollution can be defined to which interfere in the system of communication by perturbations. More than 130 dB sound can cause noise pollution.

What Are The Sources Of Noise Pollution

There are some natural process or human activity which lead to cause noise pollution. Following are the noise pollution:

Industrial Noise

There are various different machines which produce a lot of high-intensity sounds which causes noise pollution in numerous industries, mills, and factories. Some of the industrial processes such as shipbuilding, pressing, boiler making, etc. create much noise than others. Due to the installation of industries in compact place, noise pollution is further magnified.

Neighborhood Noise

Antisocial activities of neighborhood are included by this type of noise such as loud TV using, stereo, jazz music, radio set, barking of dogs, playing of children and noise of industrial neighborhood, etc. this activity also includes the noise of vibration, concrete mixes, heavy diesel lorry, bulldozer, etc. it is a mechanical striking of energy the human eardrum.

Transport Noise

From the transport sector, the main threat of noise comes. It includes the noises of rail traffic, road traffic, and aircraft noise. They are as follows:

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Noise Of Rail Traffic

The rail traffics noise is comparatively lower from road traffic. The intensity of rail traffic has been reduced by the introduction of electrical engines and diesel engines which was shown by steam engines previously.

Noise Of Road Traffic

There is a number of road vehicles and their high traffic speed caused by the noise of road traffic. From gearing, exhaust system, body vibrations, this faster moving vehicles produced high noise.

The Noise Of Aircraft

During the time to take-off, flight and landing larger and faster aircraft produce high noise. Around a radius of 16 km, Jet engines create the most noise. An important or vital aspect of aircraft noise is Sonic boom. It occurs when an aircraft flies overhead supersonically.

Preventing Noise Pollution

The pollution created by noise is produced from the different sources to the entire living world especially to the man.

Following are the few methods by which we can prevent or control noise pollution:

Control On Industries Noise Pollution

Due to the industries, the level of noise pollution are lowered down by adopting this following technique:

Transmission Controls

By covering the walls of the room by the sound absorber, introducing the gaskets around the windows as well as doors, by doing this thing the level of noise can be minimized.

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Proofing Of Sound

The noise producing equipment and machinery which causes the soundproofing has been applied an insulating material.

Create Green Vegetation Cover

The vegetation cover absorbs and acts as a buffer zone due to this reason the plants and trees need to be planted in the streets, highways, industrial areas, etc.

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