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It is a peer-reviewed, access open and rapidly published online which is journal covering all the aspects for the conservation of nature. It is an act of conserving and also preserving the wildlife, forest, rivers, and other resources of natures for protecting them.

What Are The Waye By Which We Can Conserve Our Natural Resources 

We the people have to take one step ahead for the conservation as well as for the protection of natural resources. There are some ways by which we can able to conserve our resources, they are as follows:

Water Consumption Should Reduce By Us

In the abundance of water are available on the earth and people do not think more before using it and this is one of the most reasonable. We are continuously using water.

We do simple things for the conservation of water such as tapping the tap off while you are brushing, while washing machines take the more water to wash, overflow of the tank should be stopped by you, etc. one can help in this ways to conserve the water.

Should Reduce The Usage Of Electricity

One should reduce the usage of electricity for their betterment only.

There are some easy things which we can able to do at our home such as switch off the fan which they are in no use, switch of the lights before living your room, you should turn off the electrical appliances after using it, you should switch off the LED bulbs which can make the difference.

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You Should Restrict The Use Of Paper

Trees give us paper, by many of the processes. More use of paper may lead to encouraging deforestation and it is one of the main causes in the modern world.

You have to be careful regarding the using of paper, you should less use the papers. You should reuse the paper if they are already used. Instead, to do your bit, you should stop taking the printouts and instead of it, you should use thee – copies.

You Should Make The Use The Agricultural Method To Be Newer

such methods are like mixed cropping, rotation of crops and pesticides appropriately used, manures, insecticides, the organic fertilizers for the farmer, and also the biofertilizers, etc. this methods of agriculture must be taught by the government.

Spreading Of Awareness

To spread the awareness regarding the conservation of natural resources is very important. Only when it will be a success when there are a number of people are taking the one step ahead for the conservation of water, trees, do not get the air to be polluted.


The production is far exceeded the natural resources consumption. To ensure a balanced environment, the conservation of nature is very important. At the fast rate, however, many of the natural resources are at the depletion.

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You should stop the wasting of many gifts of nature so you can maintain the earth by ecologically balancing it.

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