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If we talk about national festivals of India well it is nothing called as a particular festival which is of India but yeah as we all have national bird national animal we also count the festivals which are national for India

Republic Day of India

Republic day is also coming in the category of a national festival it is a festival which does not belong to any particular State of India it is a festival which is celebrated throughout the country that is the reason it is counted In the national festival of India you belong to anycast any relation but for that particular day you are an Indian which makes you a part of this festival and on this day our prime minister do the flag hoisting on the Red Fort of Delhi and many other activities and also held on that particular day

15th August Independence Day

After the Republic Day India’s most important national festival is the 15th August and even it is the M dependence day for our country well on 15 August 1947 India got its independence from the British has ruled India for more than 200 years it took so many sacrifices and a great leadership to break this rules of Britishers even after Independence there were so many problems which India faces and the citizens of India have faced because the day Britishers left India they call Sarthak very valuable things from Indians and distributed them in their own sectors it was a hard choice but we don’t have any other option

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Second October              

You must be thinking why the second October is so important for Indians well it is a national festival which every Indian has participated you must be thinking that do we caught any kind of Independence our Republic on this day as well well you are wrong on 2 October a great leader was born and in the direction of his hard work which all the Indian citizens followed bye Him and got its independence he was none other than superhero whose name was Mohandas Karamchand and him is also known as Mahatma Gandhi and on second of October which is also a dry day in India the festival known as Gandhi Jayanti is celebrated on this particular day in the sacrifices of Mahatma Gandhi to his country India

Freedom Fighter

As you have seen that the Britishers were ruling us for more than 200 years and it was never even imagined that we would get the freedom from this Britishers after this a dream of free India came into our eyes of a particular person whose name was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and issued the screen to each and every citizen of India without his guidance and Hardwork the Independence was impossible even if we want the independence by force it was a fight with all blood over the floor but Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi as a true leader understood that an eye to eye makes the whole world blind he selected and nonviolence way to work for his freedom movement

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