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Writing my essay It’s not an easy job. Here you have to explain every single thing which represents yourself. For example your school college degrees and anything which shows your reflection.

Creativity of God

Among all the creatures human been is one of the superior Creatures made by God. Each human being is different from the other God is so much creativity that he created everyone with different qualities and capabilities. And God also gives some qualities to the human creature which are not present in any creature living on this earth.

A human being can be humble, kind, caring and courageous. I myself He is one of the god’s different creation I am a respected, lovable and responsible human being. As a human being, we should always be thankful to God for giving us this beautiful world in which we are created as a human been.

An Elder Brother or Sister

Now I am going to talk about an elder brother or sister in the house. And my elder brother is just 12 years old. They always try to rule on me they are my guardian. In school and college, no one is blaming them for any mistakes. They always get through the problems very easily.

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School Going, Kid

I am in the fifth standard I come to the school regularly. I never want to break any promises from the school. I want to score good marks in the school and make my parents proud of me. I have a younger brother studying in the same school. He is in the standard 10. We both go to school and come to school together.


I get up early in the morning to schedule my whole day’s work. Every morning I eat my breakfast on time so that I can leave for the office at the time. Every day I reach the office by 10 and leave the office by six this is my daily routine. After coming back home I help my family in their work. After eating food I take some rest and go for a night walk.


I wake up early in the morning to cook breakfast for everyone. I walk my kids to go for school and simultaneously I wake my husband for going to the office.

Once both of them went for their daily routine I need to clean the house. Cleaning the house washing the utensils washing the clothes takes too much time. By the time I complete my daily routine the kids are back and they need food to eat. After that, the kids got for tuition. And I start preparing for the snacks for the evening.

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Once the kids are back they eat the snacks and go for playing. By the time the husband returns woman starts making the dinner. Once the dinner is ready everyone eats the dinner and goes to sleep. This is the daily routine of a woman who works a full day for us.

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