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There is no definition of mother word; this word is automatically fulfilled. Mother’s word cannot be defined in any way. After unbearable physical pain, the mother giving birth to a child is given the status of God. God has created the entire creation by the mother only.

At first, the mother gives birth to a child, then forgets his sufferings and physical pain and nurtures the child. Mother is a very important part of our lives because the mother is a child’s first schooling as well as a good teacher and friend and shows the child the right way.

 A Form Of God

Mother is another form of God in the world which gives us love and makes us a good person. It is believed that God cannot remain in every place so he has created a mother, although some important moments can be described with the mother.

Mother always lives in everyone’s life in this world as the God who lives forever, who takes away all the sorrows of her children and gives them love and protection. In our world, it is considered to Mother like Goddess. Mother cooperates with her children in every difficult time and protects her child from every problem.

Mother Day

Mother’s love is difficult to get tied up in any one day but still, Mother’s Day is celebrated, so that the child can give love and respect to the mother to which she deserves. In India, Mother Day is celebrated on the second Sunday of May every year that is 5th May, so that children can forget their entire work one day and spend time with their mother and keep their attention.

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If seen, the mother should be worshiped every day, but this day is especially celebrated in the symbol of Mother’s importance and her sacrifice. When the child grows up then his responsibility increases, and he also has other work, so he cannot spend time with his mother every day. To spend time with Mom, she celebrates Mother Day.

Importance Of Mother

Mother is very important in society and family. Life cannot be expected without a mother. If there were no mother, then we would not have even existed. Happiness is small, or the big mother takes part in it because our happiness is more important for mother.

Mother loves his child without any selfish desire for something and in return only wants to love the child. In everybody’s life, a mother is a precious person, which cannot be said in words. A mother takes care of the smallest needs of a child. Mother takes care of our every need without any benefit.

Mother’s Motherhood

The mother understands her child’s likes and dislikes better. She teaches the child to differentiate between right and wrong. In this world, the mother cannot be compared to any other, because no one else can do the affection, sacrifice, and discipline of a mother to raise a child.

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Mother loves the most to her child as compared to others in the world, but when the child starts walking on the wrong path, then the mother also knows very well how to keep her duties. A mother never wants her child to fall into any wrong way and spoil her future. Mother always cares about her child.

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