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When the mother gives birth to her child, after that the child is everything to her. The importance of his mother is very important in the life of any person. In school, we are asked to write essays on various topics, one of them is about Mother, so in this essay, we will provide some important things about mother.

Mother Word is So Special

Mother is a word that, along with its pronunciation, awakens a feeling in the heart that is filled with a sense of compassion, tenderness and kindness, which is the word that every baby speaks first after birth.

Life is created from the womb of a woman, due to which she is called a mother. The word mother is not just a word, but the whole world comes in this word.

Every Mother is The First Teacher

As every child comes in these worlds the mother of the child is her very first teacher as she introduces her child to every new thing. When the children are not able to talk, she teaches each and every new word to them. She always wants us to be a good person in life.

The beginning of our studies starts from home, the mother is the first to teach us, she is the first and sweetest teacher of our life. She teaches us how to treat others, how to speak. She is the one who teaches us to distinguish good from bad in life.

She takes care of everything from our birth, loves us. Mother takes care of us as long as she lives. We should also give love to her, thank her for her love and caring. No comparison to her mother’s love can be done. In this world, nothing is better than a mother’s love.

Love of a Mother

How much pain she has to endure during our birth, but the mother always loves us. Like a mother’s love, no one’s love is immortal, her love is so pure, no selfishness is being seen. A mother brings lights to our lives and makes our life colorful.

The amount of sacrifice a mother makes for her children cannot be described in words. A mother sacrifices all her wishes to make her child grow up. Even if a mother’s child turns fifty years old, it remains a small child for the mother.

If someone does not have a loving mother, then there is no meaning in his life, life is incomplete without mother. If someone is the most important person in every person’s life, then it is only our mother, because the closest to a human being is the mother.


If any person could take care without selfishness in this world, that person is nobody else but our mother. That is why the mother of the whole world is given the status of God. Therefore, Mother is a very wonderful gift given to us by God, which we should take care of and give her lots of love in return.

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