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A hobby is a kind of activity, which is the most favorite liken activity by the individual. Every people have some hobbies. By doing these some of the favorite activities, a person feels satisfied and also rejuvenates themselves. There are many people, who had turned their hobbies into a career and earn good fat money.

My Hobby

My hobby is traveling. It is an activity, which proved like the reset button of a boring life. There are people, whenever feels boredom from their regular routine, they go away for a few weeks to some interesting place and comes backs as fresh as morning flower.

I have met many people, who don’t travel with enjoyment, they just travel only as they have to attend some meeting or function.

Many people do not understand that going from one place to another with friends or family can be so interesting and entertaining. However, even those people would have some hobby to do such as dancing, playing, drawing, stamp collecting, singing or anything. But, If I talk about myself it is traveling which gives me an adventurous feeling and make me relax.

Value Of Vacation In Travelling

For choosing traveling as my hobby, the overall goes to my parent, the value of traveling and the vacation is always taught by them to me.

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My parent always thinks for an outing with the complete family once in a year. As the whole year, parents are busy in their work and we children are busy in our studied, we don’t get the quality time to spend together. An annually trips, strengthen the bond, bringing everyone close to each other.


Now, for a trip, the basic need is finance, though we are not so much strong financially, my parents do a somewhat creative thing for an outing. The creativeness means we take trains instead of flight, we prefer moms made food instead of packed foods, etc.

Lesson While Traveling

Traveling to some trips, always gives little or much lesson to us. The most basic thing about traveling I came to know, that whatever we planned will never go in that way, There is something different what we think in our dreams.

While traveling we experienced sometimes good or bad which teaches the lesson of life, which can be useful for the future.

Familiar With Specialties

Travelling gives an idea about a particular region. We get familiar with the language spoken there, the attire was the people of there used to have. We also get familiar with the aromatic and delicious food of the place.

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We always buy some of the special things of that place to keep as the memory.

Priceless Feeling

Whenever I return from any trip, I found myself more connected with my family. The feeling of joy and relaxation which I get during the whole trip cannot be described in words.

According to me, there should be compulsion made for traveling as apart of life, it kills the boredom and makes individual refreshing.

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