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Mother is a very important person in an individual’s life who gave birth to him and also take care of his life. In scientific term, the mother is the female parent who gives birth to the child and the child called her as mother and always wants to see his mother after the birth. Mother is the only person who can identify his child in any situation by his smell.

Mother is a huge source of love and care as she loves her child very much and also takes a proper care fish child for his better life. Not only mother love that’s only but also in return the child of their mother very much and they cannot live without her.

Mother is also known as a Guru a teacher who teaches us various lessons in life which we are not able to learn in the school and they are very important. Mother not only teachers as useful things but she also teaches us various manners and how to behave and also how to complete your responsibilities towards your family and Society.


mother is a very important part of our lives as they struggle and work hard for us and give us the comfort for living the life.

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Mothers are a good caretaker and take a battery care of their child than anyone else, they wake up early in the morning for preparing the breakfast for the child and also preparing the food and giving it in the tiffin for the break time in the school and also help the child in getting ready for the school by helping him in wearing the uniform shoes and go to the school.

Mom also looks for the better future for the child and also has the child in making his future better and completing his own dreams.

Mom is very important for the child as they completed every need of the child and also they give everything to the child what he wants.


Your mother has a huge contribution in his child life by any other individual because she sacrifices everything for his child better future and also for his comforts.

Mother’s Day Holiday at home while doing many household works like cleaning the house so that his child can have a comfort and does not get disturbed infected due to the surrounding present.

She also washes the clothes of the child and the family so that they can wear them and move outside freely and feel clean and tidy. Mother plays an important role in preparing the food which has the best taste which it can have and the children’s eat by love the food made by the mother.

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The conclusion says that mother is very important in the life as she is the only one who takes a better care and no one can do better than her.

Mothers are like God to you as they fulfill all your needs and also showing various ways to the success and also helps you in struggling your life and battling for the better future.

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