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Moral education refers to the education of the values, virtues, and beliefs on which the individual’s best and the best of society prosper. Moral education develops and reinforces the inner virtues of a person, because the person is a part of the society, hence the development of his virtues means to be well cultured in the society.

Importance of Moral Education

Moral values ​​have great importance in a person’s life. Moral education is very important in human life, so it should be taught from the childhood of a man. Along with protecting our interests, the rights and attitudes of others should also be taken care of.

From moral education, the message of peace, non-violence, tolerance, and brotherhood should be spread in the world. Plants, greenery, the environment should be protected.

Moral Values

One should have compassion for all animals and birds. To have mercy on all, never to lie, to respect elders, to tell the truth, to love everyone by treating them as their own, to help everyone, not to do evil to others, etc. is called moral education or moral values.

Due to the lack of moral values, the character of a person is declining, and today the graph of crimes is increasing day by day.

Moral education is essential to develop and promote the character of students. The main objectives of moral education are as follows:

Overall Development

The main aim of moral education is to make the students cheerful of their moral qualities so that they can become ideal citizens of the country in the future.

Manners, virtue, discipline, self-restraint, humility, compassion, benevolence, courage, human love, patriotism, diligence, patience, etc. are moral qualities. Their progressive development is absolutely necessary. This work can be completed only by moral education.


Only moral education can cause unbreakable feelings of patriotism among students. The idea of ​​prioritizing and interests of the country can rise in them by rising the personal value of the country. With moral education, students are always aware of the country.

Religious Tolerance

Developing religious tolerance among students is also the aim of moral education. Students should be familiar with the basic elements of different religions, it is very important in today’s context because, in such a situation, they will see the unity and the coordination between all religions.

Religious tolerance will develop in the hearts of students through moral education. Moral education can prove useful in keeping them away from religious parochialism.

World Fraternity

With moral education, the spirit of world brotherhood can be awakened in students. No hatred, anger will remain in humans’ hearts about the neighboring country, this can only happen if they have been given moral education.


Moral values ​​have to be included in education in such a way that in various courses, workshops, and activities, the message of these moral values ​​can reach the students in easy, simple and interesting ways.

For this, good literature, films, books, etc. can be taken. If there is courtesy, virtue, discipline, dignity in life then there will be peace in the family and in the country.

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