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To fight simultaneously on moral, political, social, religious, cultural fronts, economics, he was one of the few men in the history. As a lawyer in South of Africa, he had developed his strategy of non-violence during his period.

Mahatma Gandhi Was The Father Of The Nation 

Since 1920 to 1947, had been considered as the GANDHIAN ERA in politics of India. During this period, on behalf of the Indian National Congress in negotiation for the constitutional reform and also for the checking out the programmes for the National movement with the British government he spoke the final word.

He led the struggle for national freedom against British rule. His struggle was completely nonviolent and this was the most unique thing of his struggle. MOHANDAS KARAMCHAND GANDHI was born at PORBANDAR which was in Gujarat, on 2nd of October, 1869.

He wrote his most popular autobiography and his title was ‘My Experiments with Truth’. On 12th of March 1930, he started his civil disobedience with his popular “DANDI MARCH” for breaking the law of salt.

He used to always stand under communal harmony, but he himself had shot dead by FANATIC NATHURAM GODSE religion on 30th of January, 1948.

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Why Was Gandhi Known For Mahatma 

Mahatma is Sanskrit saying which refers to ‘great soul’. Who was the first person used to say “Mahatma” for Gandhi- was the Rabindranath Tagore. This was because of the great ideologies and thoughts of Gandhi which made the people honor for him by calling his name by “Mahatma Gandhi”.

Each and every citizen of India gave love and respect throughout his life, it was because of his great feeling of sacrificing love and showed the help for the people. The people who affected with leprosy, he showed lifelong compassion towards it.

His contribution to various issues regarding social issues could never be ignored. He started the campaign against untouchability during his imprisonment in the YERWADA jail. All such qualities made him a man having a great soul.

Mahatma Gandhi Life And Family

Childhood And Birth

On 2nd of October, 1869 at PORBANDAR which is Gujarat he was born as M.K. GANDHI. His father (KARAMCHAND GANDHI) was work as the chief minister at that time. His mother (PUTLIBAI) was a generous and very devotional lady.

Education and Marriage

At a very young age of 13, he married with KASTURBA MAKANJI. They have had a baby boy in 1888 and after that, he used to live in London for higher studies. Due to his dress up and color, he was removed from the first class compartment, and this was the major incident which completely changed his life.

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Africa’s Civil Rights Movement

He vowed to fight and challenge the discrimination in South Africa of immigrants- after the embracement and discrimination faced by him due to his color and race. In 1894, he formed the National Indian Congress and fight against racial discrimination. Also, he fought for civil rights.

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