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Labour Day, as we know that India is the second largest country in the world it is a very cheap labour country comparatively to the other countries. The labouring over here is far cheaper than that other country and this the reason people try to find an Indian servant for them because it will be cheaper then the servant they have in their own countries.

Why this Labour Day

In India there are so many days celebrated, for example teachers day, Mother’s Day, sisters day, and many more but we used to forget that the most important person who is doing every single and small thing in our house, factory or in the locality is a labour. We forget about the hard work of those labours to live our life in peace.

So just to make sure that we have not forget the hard work of each and every labour, this day is celebrated for their happiness and it is also celebrated in a form of celebrations in many factories and in the places where the number of labourers are too much.

When is Labour Day

Labour Day is celebrated on every first of May, as this day is only kept for the labourers who worked very hard in our day to day life. We don’t even recognise how much hard work they do for us and we don’t even give them the credit for it.

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Types of Labour

Let’s see few types of labels which we see in our daily routine. Now when you see a place which is getting buried and people are carrying stones on their head and walking through that building do you think that this is the labour work. Well actually you are right this is a labour work but does that mean only they are the labour in India well you’re not right.

Every working profession which you see is a labours who are doing his work in their office. Labour work is does not mean that you have to carry stones on your head and walk for a very long time. It also means to work in office on the time duration 9 to 5 and sometimes even more than that and so we can’t say that only the poor people are the labours in India even the rich people who earn a lakh rupees in a month are also counted in the category of labour.

Hard Work

Nowadays whatever work we face we have people to do for us it can be shifting from one place to another, for making food we can hire anyone who can do this for us this is none other than the people who are coming into the category of labour.

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On the Labour Day every working environment is given a holiday in respect of their employees who are working in their firm as a labour. It is nothing to shame or feel like something bad it is a category in which every human being comes once in his life.

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