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Kumaraswami Kamaraj, was an INC leader, during the 1960s as the Kingmaker in the politics of India were widely acknowledged. He served as INC president i.e. for the four years between1964-1967 and he was responsible for the elevation of Lal Bahadur Shastri for the Prime Minister position of India.

Kamarajar In Politics

Kamaraj worked in the provision shop of his uncle- as a young boy, at that time he used to attend the public meetings and also handle the processions regarding the Indian Home Rule Movement.

By reading the newspaper in daily works of life, he develops an interest in the prevailing political condition. His turning point of life was the Jallianwala Baugh Massacre, he decided to fight for the national freedom and bring the foreign rule to an end.

When he was 18, in 1920, he became active in politics. For the Congress leader, in 1921 he organized the public meeting at Virudhunagar. He meets Gandhi for the first time on 21 September 1921 at that time he attends the meeting when Gandhi visited Madurai and also he was very eager to meet him.

As the part of the Non- Cooperation Movement in 1922 Congress boycotted the visit of Wales prince. He then came at Madras and he also took parts in the events. He participated in the Nagpur Flag Satyagraha in 1923-1925.

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He was chosen to lead the Neil Status Satyagraha, he started the sword Satyagraha in the Madras.

Later words he was under the detention for 3 years and in June, he was then released and he was his the last term of prison. He was imprisoned 6 times by the British which was added up to more than 3000 days in the jail/ prison.

Kamarajar In National Politics 

The party through turbine he was successfully navigated to it, after the death of Nehru in 1964. He refused to become the next Prime Minister himself as the president of INC.

In 1969, when the Congress splits up, the Kamaraj became the leader in Tamil Nadu of the Indian National Congress which was an organization. Until the death of Kamaraj in 1975, he remained the leader of INC.

The Legacy Of Kamarajar 

The Bharat Ratna, for India’s highest civilians, Honour he was awarded in 1976. In Tamil Nadu, he was widely acknowledged as the Father of Education “Kalvi Thanthai”.

The “Kamaraj Terminal” which was the named for the domestic terminal of the Chennai airport. The “Kamarjar Salai”, was named for the Marina Beach road in the Chennai. After the Kamarajar, the North road in Bengaluru and in the New Delhi parliament road.

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In the honor of naming the Madurai Kamaraj University. On the birth of Kamaraj, in 2003, the government of India had released the coin of commemorative.

The Very Popular Culture In Tamil Nadu 

A film titled the “Kamaraj” which was in the Tamil- Language, in 2004, which was based on the history of Kamaraj. In 2007, the English version of the film was released.

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