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When we heard about this word intolerance, what is the first thing comes into your mind? Well, it is it elf saying that tolerance is too much and any common man who is tolerating for no reason is wrong, so never try to check anyone’s intolerance level. 

Office Going People

Nowadays the people who are working in office 9 to 5 job very much feel tolerance day. Tolerate everything it could be a scolding from the boss or from the client the employee is the person who tolerates both of them and does not say anything to anyone. Because it doesn’t matter whatever he is going through the work which is given to him or her should be done at the time, which is nearly impossible but then do they give their thousand percent and complete the given task.

Even after that, they are not appreciated for their work, they are just said that you could do much better from this. Well, we all know that it is a very tough job to do and the tolerance level is too much in the employees because they could not have a fight with the boss or the client, because they are working over there for their family, a better future, and they have so many responsibilities on their shoulders.

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So this is the reason that the level of the internal conference gets increased in them. 

Youth Leaders

Nowadays, the youth or we can say as the youngsters are very much ready to become a leader for their team but once they get people standing behind them they get power off talking to anyone with any tone. They are seriously getting power from the back of the people and this is making them intolerant because they don’t understand what kind of language they are using to deal with a respected person.

They should always understand that you are a leader, you should always be humble and polite with the people you meet. But once you become a leader you forget that you are having all the negative energies in yourself and your tolerance level also gets decreased because you cannot hear anything wrong about yourself. And that is the reason they always have the people who worship them around and which is actually wrong because they are not helping their leader to become a leader they are just enjoying the money which the leader is spending on them.

Common Man in India

As a common man we have seen so many difficulties and problems and today, in India most people are becoming internet tolerance because they are facing so many difficulties without any reason.

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They face so simple problems which could be solved by the government but the government is not working properly and all the issues are being faced by common man, that is the reason the intolerance of a common man is getting increased and increase because they cannot fight for it I think we can do is just adjust with the flow.

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