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National festival in India, there are so many festivals which are celebrated with happiness and joy but if we talk about a particular festival which is known as the national festival of India there are no national festivals of India

Top Five Festivals Which are Celebrated in India

  1. Diwali
  2. Holi
  3. Navratri
  4. Durga Puja
  5. Dussehra

Diwali Festivals in India

Diwali is a festival which has a very big amount of craze in India people love to celebrate Diwali because it is a festival which is the symbol of winning on the darkness and it is celebrated on the day of Amavasya which is a pure dark night.

In the Hindu calendar if you see the day when they celebrate this festival it is an Amavasya day. We celebrate this festival with lights and happiness to show that any kind of darkness cannot overcome our happiness so this is the reason Diwali is a very important festival in India.

Holy Festival in India

In India, Holi play on a very big scale at this festival people use watercolors and make different-different kinds of sweets at home and even visits their friends and family members on this occasion. It is the occasion of spreading happiness to each other and the symbol of colors. This festival shows that every human being is equal and should be treated as equal so the festival of Holi means equality in each and every person.

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The main motto behind the specimen is to make everyone understand that after putting colors on anyone’s face he or she is similar just like you. So if you want to figure out that you are standing in front of whom you shouldn’t judge them by their color or caste you should treat them with their humanity and this is the reason Holi is celebrated in India.

Navratri Festival in India

Now if we talk about this festival it comes twice in a year but the main focus of each and every Indian citizen is on the second time when Navratri comes to us that is the time when they all came to play a dance which is known as Garba.

Garba is a traditional dance which is played by the Indians and it is very famous in all over the world. Playing Garba in Navratri is a symbol of getting blessed by God.

Durga Puja in India

In India Durga Puja is a very big festival and it is done all over the country. Many states specially organized this festival and make sure that each and every function of this festival is done properly. Because they feel that the festival should be done in a perfect manner that the whole festival is done properly.

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Dussehra in India

Dussehra is the festival which held just after Navratri when it is a festival which is celebrated on the winning of Accord name of as Ram Pokiri of very powerful even name Ra-One on this day so every Indian Army sure starts the whole scenario was repeated in a very big scale.

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