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We all know that India is a great country, where different cultures and people of many religions live together. I have imagined India of my dreams in which India is so golden that there is no discrimination against anyone on the basis of caste, religion, gender, color form or any other type of people. In today’s article, I am going to tell about the India of my dreams.

Dream to See Every Person Educated

Education is one way through which any country can be made a developed country. Even today many people in our country are illiterate, due to which they do not get the right employment. I want the India of my dreams to be such that all the residents of our country should be educated.

Every citizen of India should also be aware of education. When education is in every household, nothing can stop the progress of our country. In short no one in my dream India is uneducated.


There is no shortage of employment in any developed country. Many scales are measured based on employment and other topics. Based on that, that country is given a rank. Hence employment is very helpful in developing any country. Today we all know what is the situation regarding employment in India.

In India, even those people who are not able to get employees who are well educated. Today, unemployment is increasing and when unemployment increases in any country, crime increases very much in that country. I believe that the India of my dreams should be such that no one should worry about employment.

Every person gets equal employment. So that he or she can improve the economic condition of his country. Employment is very important for the development of our country.


Even today, there are millions of people in our country who do not have a house to live, no food to eat. They are spending their lives in a poverty that is less than hell for a human being. Economic inequality is very high in our country. Here the poor are slowly getting poorer and the rich once are getting richer.

According to my thinking, the India of my dreams should be such that it will be completely different from today’s India. Where everyone will have money. No person should be such that there is no lack of home and food and clothes to live with them.

In India of my dreams, no citizen should have much money, instead, all the money should be distributed equally among all the citizens.

Women Empowerment

From the last few years, there have been many campaigns for women empowerment, so that people should know that women should not be considered less than anyone.

Women are now working and walking step by step with men. This is what I want in my dream India, where men and women are treated equally. Women should also be given a chance to create their own identity.


I want the India of my dreams to be the one who will stand on the topmost rank in the entire world.

Updated: March 24, 2020 — 11:43 am

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