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Water is one of the most precious natural resources of our beautiful nature. Water is the basic need of any living being. Plenty of water is required daily for many purposes such as drinking, cleaning, cooking and many more.

The electricity which we are using to run various types of appliance is also generated by the water itself. But there are some human being, who is continuously wasting this wonderful and needful resource or if not wasting that, many of them are polluting the same.

The Scarcity Of Water

There is no fixed proportion of water in every region, some of the areas have a high portion, or some has low, this is the reason where there is the small amount, and if the people will misuse the water, surely they would be facing water scarcity.

Reason For The Scarcity Of Water


The primary issue of shortage of water is the overpopulation. The overcrowding is not only the root cause of water scarcity but also of many social problems, and as understood by the citizen of the nation, otherwise, nothing would be left for our future generation.

High Living

Also, the high standard of living is one of the cause water scarcity; people get migrate from the remote area, earns money in an urban area and raise their living standard and wasting the water more than needed.

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Excessive Use

The enormous use of fresh water as made the groundwater to dry and also as increase the level of water pollution., So to overcome with all the problem related to water ever citizen should conserve the water.

Importance Of Conservation

Environmental Aspects

Everything on the earth is directly or indirectly is connected with the water. If water conservation is practiced, there will be balanced maintained in the ecosystem.

According to the survey made, it was concluded that almost 21 species of fishes were extinct in a recent year from many parts of the world.


As we all have to pay money for the water which we receive for a different purpose. It is quite simple to understand that if we will waste water the cost of the water will rise, and the local supplier will charge high value even from us.

Depleting Other Resources

If we will waste water, the demand for other resources related to water will also go high. For example, if there is less amount of water than we will be facing the problem related to electricity like the lack of sufficient electricity supply, high charges for the same.

Reduce Sinkholes

The sinkhole can be reduced to a greater extent. The gap is left in the space when the natural aquifers run low due to this the gravity pushes the ground and there we see a sinkhole.

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Water conservation is very much necessary for every creature if there will be no water then no life would be sustained on earth. To maintain a balanced ecosystem, conservation of water is very much essential.

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