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Parents know today that physical growth should also be accompanied by the mental development of children. The whole life of a person runs through the body and mind: exercise, physical development of the game, and mental development of the person with education, meditation.

There are many variations of the game – some games are for children, some for elders, some for elders, some are for the elderly. Some games do not require huge plains to play.

Game Effects Physically?

They are entertained and intellectual development such as Carom Board, Chess, Snake-ladder, Ludo, Card, etc. ‘Healthy brain develop a healthy body.’ Children who do not like to read only do not play, it is seen that they become irritable, lazy, even unable to protect themselves.

Those who participate in sports their bones are strong, and the face becomes positive, the digestive power remains fine, the light of the eyes increases, the body becomes like a thunderbolt. The student should not only be playing or reading in life, but the purpose should be to play while playing and reading while reading – “Work while you’re playing.”

Sport Plays Important Role In Human Life

Sport can teach the lesson to human beings. Such as playing disciplines while playing, to the leader’s command, enthusiasm at the time of victory in the game, tolerance on a loser and not keeping a sense of resistance to the opponent, if you find out about your failure then try again to win. It teaches children should play games with interest. Their soft feelings should not be crushed. They should prepare for the struggle.

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 Motivation Needed Towards The Sport Life

In the future, he will win victories and achievements in sports, by making world records, enhancing the pride of the country to country. Nelson, who defeated Napoleon, had said that all the credit for my victory is on the field – “The war of Waterloo was won in the fields of Eton (name of a place)

Students get access to national and international sports by making names in schools and colleges. PT Usha started running from the eighth grade and enhanced the pride of the country in international games.


There is a difference in sports in villages and cities too. The village’s children like sports like Caught-caught, Kabaddi, hide-and-seek while sports like cricket, badminton, table tennis are popular in cities.

Playgrounds are decreasing with increasing population. The villages leave empty places in the fields and cities; they make high-rise buildings.

Sports Person Must Take Care?

The playground should be large for the player, and the atmosphere should be fresh. He should eat green vegetables, milk, fruits, etc., stay in a clean atmosphere and drink clean water.

Rewards And Honours

The Government of India honors the player who gets the fame in the game, ‘Arjun Award’ and his Guru ‘Dronacharya Award.’

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This body is God’s gift. We must keep it healthy. Sports, exercise, and education are essential for safety. A healthy person is self-confident and happy while enjoying the pleasures of this world.

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