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Keeping the country green and clean is an essential part of the human community. It is one of the simplest measures to prevent various types of diseases. It contains visions of human dignity, decency, and theism.

To stay healthy, it is extremely important to keep the surrounding environment green and clean, as dirt gives rise to many health-hazardous issues, and hinders the development of human life.

While keeping the country green not only helps in human development but also plays an important role in keeping the human mind calm.

Green India is a Dream of All

Green India is also needed for the healthy and physical development of the people because it is possible to develop a healthy person only in a clean and green society.

The dream of green India is the dream of every citizen of the country who wants to see greenery everywhere, for that, it is most important that the maximum number of people should start working together for these.

Why India is Not Becoming Green?

The biggest reason for the environment of India being malicious is the waste coming out of factories. The atmosphere is becoming polluted by the smoke emanating from the vehicles.

Increasing the use of plastic has also negatively impacted the environment. Throwing garbage on the roads and high noise are also harming the environment. The man had used science and technology to progress, but now he is also harming his precious environment in the rush of progress.

How to Make India Green

Plant More And More Trees

Trees keep the earth green. The greenness of India is the main reason for its attraction, but now the greenery is becoming less day by day due to the cutting of trees for human development.

But people must know the importance of trees and stop cutting down trees. It seems pleasant to live in places where there is a sufficient number of trees and plants. Trees provide shelter to animals and birds, etc.

They provide a pleasant shade to the passengers. Greenery is the beauty of any area, so plant more and more trees and increase the beauty of your area so that our country will become green.

Ways to Increase Greenery

We need a green environment to be healthy because the environment around us has a great impact on us. Our country will be green and clean only if we protect our surroundings. We should use public vehicles except for private vehicles.

To go a short distance, we should use a bicycle or we should take a walk if possible. We should use such things more and more which can be used again. Use of plastic should be completely stopped. A good environment keeps us physically and mentally healthy.


If India becomes completely green then it will have many benefits. Due to this, the maximum private investors will invest in our country, which will increase the GDP of India, besides increasing the number of tourists, employment, etc will also increase.

Updated: March 25, 2020 — 6:42 am

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