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1st Essay

I am a twelve-year-old boy and I study in class VIII. My name is Arun. Our ancestral village is in Sitamarhi district of Bihar. There are our uncle and aunt and cousins. We have a big house in the village. There is a large hall in the outer part of the village with a village and there is a cave in front of the street in which there is chapati’s cow-buffaloes, etc. The animals bind.

But in Delhi, we live in rented houses. My brother is fifteen years old and he is studying in Class X, his name is Navneet. He is a meritorious student and loves me a lot. Often, when I feel somewhat troubled about some subject, I get help from them. My younger brother Karnik is ten years old and he reads in class VI. She is very naughty and laughing. He often teases me and succeeds in teasing, the killers laugh and kill me.

My father is a writer and capable and capable of writing in different streams. Often new articles are published in the journals, which at least get so much remuneration that somehow we all spend the money.

My mother is a housewife. She takes care of all. She likes cooking very much. We have a small but happy family.

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2nd Essay

My name is Kunal and I am a student of 10th  grade. I live in Assad and I study in the Saint Joseph Convent School. My father’s name is Jai Pal and mother’s name is Rupawati and we have four siblings. I live in a joint family My uncle’s aunt and grandparents also live with us and all love me very much.

I wake up at 5 in the morning and go for a walk and come and prepare for school. I wear daily uniforms and go to school and I do daily work every day because I have a habit of doing all the work on time. I am punctual and disciplined, because of which I am also dear to all the teachers at school.

I am also good at reading and also interested in sports jumps and cricket is my favorite sport. I like to participate in cultural events and every time I take part in dancing and short drama. I love riding a bicycle, so I go cycling to my school two kilometers from home.

I find it worthwhile to spend time with family members, so all of us always eat together while eating. I fully respect my teachers and always follow their instructions.

I have many friends but my best friend is a huge Barley that helps me in every trouble. I like writing poetry and reading a book and it is also good to help people. I also do the ointment of injured birds and animals.

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I am always in the effort that I can improve my personality and make my character virtue.

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