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India has done quite a few changes in their education system. Now the education system of India is quite advanced and the changes which the Indian government has done in the education system is still up, that is it a good change or a bad.

The Gurukul

Before starting all this school colleges and universities India was having its own way of teaching students about their history and fighting techniques they used to call it as Gurukul.

Gurukul means a place where guru means teacher and kul means a group of students are sitting together and gaining the knowledge from the teacher. Gurukul is one of the most famous and well developed in the olden days.

British Changed the Education System

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After the British came to India they started their own way of education system. They started the school colleges and because of this the grounds were faded away and the subjects which were taught in the school were quite different.

They used to focus on a particular subject called English because they speak English and it will be better for them that the future generation should know their own mother tongue which was English. Due to this the way of studying in Gurukul was totally forgotten by everyone.

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Till now we are following the rules of the school which were made by the Britishers and don’t even look back for the ancient way of learning in the Gurukul style.

Good About Education System

Well if we talk about Indian education system there are so many bright things which we can see. For example the Indian government has given their children free of cost education to the parents who cannot afford to send their children in school.

And they even provide a meal for them in the school so that the children should be healthy and focus only on their studies. This is the way to Indian government has improved and is now focusing on their future which is in the school right now.

Bad About Education System

Talking about bad points of education system well there are so many countries in the world and every country has some or the other bad qualities of their education system which people do not like. Let’s just imagine if the Indian education system also works like the other countries in charging high amount of fees.

Now if you think about the Indian education system they are facing a very big problem of highly qualified professionals because the highly qualified professionals want a good amount of salary but the education system is not comfortable to pay that high amount of salary at once and this is the reason the education system lack behind.

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Difference From Last Few Decades

Now we have seen good and bad about the Indian education system but no wonders we can always say that Indian education system has grown in a very rapid speed. Because it has managed for the students to provide them free education.

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