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One of the great famous religious festivals celebrated with great rejoice is the festival of Dusshera. Many people named it as Vijayadashmi. Generally, this festival defines victory over evil. The reason behind this sign is the victory of Lord Rama over Ravana and the victory of Shakti over demon Mahisasur.


As the goddess shakti fought continuously for ten days with the demon Mahisasur, it and also said as Vijaya dashmi (Vijaya means victory and dashmi means ten). It also states feminine power.

According to the Hindu calendar, the festival falls in the month of Ashwin(October) Twenty days earlier to Diwali festival. The nine days celebrates as Navratri festival and on the tenth-day Dussehra festival falls. On the other hand, people all over the world burn the statue of demon Ravan.


People all over India participate in the function in their way. Peoples celebrate this festival according to their culture. In some of the state, people make the statute of demon Ravana and set it on fire. People play the drama called as Ramleela whereas in the northern state people worship the lord Durga, and a small pot known as Kalash it signs the fertility of worship, and on the tenth day, the idol of Lord Durga immersed in water.

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A big fair is organized on this day. Many Hindus think that it is a very luckiest day to start any new good work. Everyone cleans their houses, wear clean clothes. Children are in full swing of enjoyment. Peoples along with their kids go to fairs; children buy toys, sweet, etc.

Ramleela Play

A large number of people gather to see Ram Leela play. Actors play the role of Lord Rama, Sita Ji Hanuman,  Laxman, Ravana, etc. In the play, the beginning till end, it also includes the fight between good karma and bad karma shown.

Mysore Celebration

In India, it believed that the celebration started in the 17th century. The most famous Dussehra celebration held in Mysore. It displays the royal celebration.


In spite of the celebration, it teaches us many things too. We don’t know about to what level the incarnations story are real. The world against women, growing up social evils, corruption. To stop all these social evils someone from these modern time should come front to be Lord Rama or to be goddess Durga. The modern Ravana is multifaced. It is easy to see Ram Leela play but to claim it in one’s life is difficult. People should wash the evil from their mind.

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This grand festival teaches us good knowledge, truth, honest, moral values, ethics, respect, etc. One should claim these deeds in their own life for a good and happy future.

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